Francesca Versace was born and raised in Milan.

She spent her childhood surrounded by her family, inspiring art, fascinating people and endless opportunities to travel the world.

At 18 she moved to London to pursue a degree in fashion design at Central St Martins. The discipline she learned combined with her natural free-spiritedness resulted in her label, FEV, and the launch of her first collection.

It is inspired by a woman’s journey: a woman who collects memories from her voyages. It is a label of Italian sensibilities, mixed with a traveller’s spirit and a sense of discovery. It is a sophisticated bohemianism, an ease and casualness, a barefoot glamour all infused with an inherent style that goes back to the 1960s and 70s.

Francesca lives in London with her family. She has travelled extensively with the fashion industry, first moving to Singapore to launch a capsule clothing collection, before working as a freelance designer in Tokyo, Florence, Milan and London.

Francesca will launch the first collection for her label FEV, a line of luxury handbags, at Paris Fashion Week in January 2016.